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Live Electronic care Monitoring with interactive care planning

Your needs are changing every day - so why shouldn't your care plan? Our modern, technology enables us to monitor our care visits, as they happen. We have a live system which enables us and you, to receive instant information about each visit, as it takes place. Providing us and you, with the confidence that each task is completed and any variants to the care are instantly received by us, in the office. This ensures that we do miss vital tasks or information and enables us to respond to changes or additional requirements, as we are alerted to them. Medication is a vital part of a lot of Care Plans. Our system enables us to add and remove medication, as the changes occur. Reducing the need for a home visit and a reviewed and reprinted care plan. Our Interactive Care Planning process enables us to work with you to create a live and current Care Plan and a list of requirements that should be met each day. This can be viewed by you and any required changes can be made instantly. This means that we are able to work with you to create goals and set tasks. We can then view and measure these outcomes together - updating the care plan daily, if required. This open communication method allows your nominated friend/family member and/or professionals involved in your care, to view your notes and communicate live with the Support Worker Team.

Support at Home Digital care Plans

The videos below offer a brief explanation of how and why we use the PASSsystem(Digital Care plans). This software will enable you to view the Support Workers notes as soon as they are completed, view the Care Plan and communicate to the office staff and carers in real time.We provide you with access to this service free of charge. Some providers may charge for this service, but we feel you can't put a price on the reassurance that your loved ones needs are being met