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March 20 2024 |client


Support at Home recently conducted a client survey to measure the satisfaction and experience of our clients receiving our care services. The survey was aimed at assessing various aspects of our service, including safety, quality of care, communication, and client satisfaction. The results of this survey offer valuable insights into our performance and provide guidance on areas that need improvement. 


Survey Methodology: 

The client survey was distributed to 80% of Clients, their relatives or an external professional. From this 80%, 23% were sent directly to the Client, 67% to a relative of the Client and 10% to an external professional. 46% completed this survey and the responses were collected – we aim to improve this return rate by at least 20% and are open to any suggestions which could make it easier for surveys to be returned.  

The survey consisted of a 1 to 4 rating system and an additional comments section that allowed clients to provide detailed feedback on their experiences with Support at Home. The 1 to 4 rating system is shown below: 

1 = ‘Inadequate’ 

2 = ‘Requires Improvement’ 

3 = 'Good Score’ 

4 = ‘Outstanding’ 


Survey Results: 

  1. Safety Assurance: A perfect 100% of clients reported that they “Feel protected from being bullied, harassed, harmed or abused”. This is a testament to our commitment to providing a secure and honest caring environment. 
  2. Quality of Care: “Staff have the right knowledge, qualifications and skills to provide the right care for me” received an average rating of 3.8 out of 4. This reflects positively on the quality of service provided by our Support Workers. 
  3. Care Plan Communication: The question “My care, treatment and support are set out in writing, and this tells staff what is needed to support me best" received the lowest feedback rating, with an average score of 3 out of 4. Although this is still considered a ‘good score’ Support at Home always strives to be Outstanding, and we will take steps to ensure this score improves in the next Survey Report. 
  4. Communication: 84% of clients reported that “Staff communicate with them in the way they need”. While this score still requires improvement, it is a 15% increase from our 2023 Survey. Highlighting our commitment to improve, based on your feedback! 
  5. Care Staff Meet Needs: The question "There are enough staff to make sure I receive a reliable service that is not rushed" received a rating of 3.8 out of 4, with 94% of clients rating it 4 out of 4, demonstrating a high degree of alignment with client needs. 
  6. Staff Response: The question "Staff deal with incidents and accidents quickly and openly" received a rating of 3.7 out of 4, reflecting good performance in responding to incidents and accidents. 
  7. Feeling Valued: 94% of Clients rated at least 3 out of 4 when asked "Do Staff know about their background, likes, hopes and needs”. indicating that clients perceive our organisation positively in terms of appreciation. 
  8. Medication Management: 100% of Clients scored at least 3 out of 4 when asked “Do Staff give you medicine according to your Care Plan and are you supported to be as independent as possible”. This highlights the significance Support at Home has surrounding medication and independence.  


Additional Comments: 


“The carers who assist me treat me with dignity and respect. I don’t have any concerns about any of my care. They are thoughtful and give me the time needed.” 

“I'm very happy with everything.” 

“Lena is always helpful and understanding with my mums needs.” 

“The carers I have met are all very kind to my mum, and some of them have a brilliant manner with her and are very professional.” 

“The service my mum received was excellent. Every support worker was kind, compassionate and friendly... You made what turned out to be my mum's last few weeks, enjoyable once more.” 


Opportunities to improve 

“I don't like the staff coming with a phone by their ears. The staff don't always have their proper uniform.”  

  • It's crucial for care staff to utilise their mobile phones as part of their work tools. This facilitates seamless communication with the office and professionals on behalf of our clients. However, as highlighted in the feedback from the survey, we will reassess the usage of mobile devices and concentrate on addressing any instances of misuse. 
  • The requirement for Support Worker uniforms has recently been implemented, and consequently, we will intensify our efforts to monitor this and ensure staff are fully aware of the significance of wearing their uniform while on duty. However, it's worth noting that some clients have expressed specific preferences for staff to wear normal clothing, particularly when engaging with the community together. Such requests can be accommodated and documented in care plans as needed. 

“I do have carers that are brilliant, and I could not praise enough, However I do have carers that are not so good, so it was hard for me to do this survey” 

  • The happiness and satisfaction of our clients are paramount to us. If you find yourself dissatisfied with the care you are receiving, please reach out to our office without hesitation. We are here to assist you and accommodate any requests you may have. 


Recommendations for Improvement: 

Care Plan Communication Enhancement: We acknowledge that communication is an essential aspect of our service, and we understand the importance of it to our clients. Therefore, we are going to enhance our communication channels and interactions with you. We aim to provide more regular updates and foster more effective two-way communication to keep you well-informed and engaged. We will be introducing a Monthly Newsletter which we will be sharing with our clients and their representatives, please look out for your invite. 

Our Care Plans are currently digital. If you would benefit from an updated paper copy, please contact Nicola M as soon as possible! 

Feeling Valued: We understand the significance of your views and opinions. We also understand the importance of getting to know you – your background, likes, hopes and needs. To achieve this, we are committed to implementing more comprehensive feedback mechanisms and interactions. We will actively encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas. 

Quality Assurance: While we are delighted with the positive feedback on our overall quality of care, we are dedicated to maintaining and improving our services to consistently meet the highest standards. We will continuously work to ensure that each one of your experiences with Support at Home remains of the utmost quality. 



The client satisfaction survey outcomes reflect predominantly positive sentiments, underscoring our dedication to delivering high quality and personalised care. Furthermore, the feedback serves as a roadmap for pinpointing avenues where we can improve our services, notably in communication and fostering client involvement. 

Thank you to all participating clients and representatives, for their invaluable contributions to the survey, and we eagerly anticipate further refining our services in accordance with your insights. 

If you have any further suggestions for improvements, please feel free to email me at [email protected]. In the meantime, as part of our commitment to you, we will be sending out another survey in August 2024. 


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