Digital Care Calls

May 17 2021 |Technology

We have recently launched our new Digital Care Service.
The Digital Care Service is designed to compliment our existing service by providing a video link to our clients via a new and exciting piece of equipment called the KOMP!

It is designed specifically to be used by the elderly generation. The user-friendly device looks like a traditional TV set and does not require the user to have any understanding of linking in to the internet or the apps etc associated with normal tablets and devices. It comes with built in internet so the user does not have to have broadband at home.

Families and friends have their own access to the KOMP via an app on their phone or an email browser. This facility is designed to allow friends and family to make video calls, send messages and upload photos and videos for their loved one to see. This is a private side of the device so any information shared through this family app is not made available to Support at Home through our management platform. This means that you can send information to your loved one, privately.

Smartphones and tablets aren’t suited for everyone

As we get older some things in life are constant; the love we have for our families, our need for human contact and the frustration we feel when we can’t do the things we once could. Other things change; it becomes harder to remember passwords, use touch screens and understand complicated user interfaces. KOMP is a one-button computer, made specifically for isolated individuals who struggle with using modern day technology. KOMP requires no prior digital skills from its user, and allows children and grandchildren to share photos, messages and make video calls with their grandparents.

The KOMP allows us to provide additional support, welfare checks and companionship to our existing clients in a way that will promote independence and reduce social isolation.

The multiple ways in which we can support the user with reminders, prompts and encouragement, makes this an excellent option for our clients.

In addition to this, our video calls can be used to:

  • Provide welfare checks
  • Provide medication prompts and reminders - whilst observing the client doing so
  • Provide reminders or prompts about meals and drinks
  • Provide prompts about upcoming appointments
  • Provide companionship and reduce loneliness
  • Provide a portal to the clients own family and friends (family & friends can download the app and link in to their loved one to call in, send photos, videos and even send reminders)
  • Provide an opportunity for professionals to carry out consultations via video link

Studies have shown that when isolation and loneliness are reduced, there is less risk of falls, malnutrition, dehydration, hospital admissions and an increase in cognitive function, overall happiness and an improvement in health and wellbeing. 

A 15-minute Digital Care Visit can be scheduled at an agreed time, for multiple times throughout the day.
15-minute Digital Care Visits will be provided by an experienced Digital Support Worker. 

The allocated time would be provided exclusively, with no distractions or other demands, meaning the time spent on the chat together is real, quality time.
The Digital Support Worker would call from a designated station at our office and the conversations would become a familiar time of the day that the client is able to enjoy and look forward to.

The Digital Support Workers are trained in care and support and are able to raise concerns (if any arise during the call) and they would also be able to make referrals and communicate with family and professionals.
The calls will be very well documented and held securely in the clients own personal file.

The Digital Care Visits are not intended to replace existing support where support is physically required but they are intended to supplement the service and provide additional reassurance for the user, the family and wider support network.

15-minute Digital Care Visits can be scheduled at whatever time suits you or your loved one best.

For instance:

  • You may require an early morning call to check if you are ok and feeling well.
  • You may require a call at multiple times throughout the day to remind you to take medication.
  • You may require a call at lunch time to remind you to eat the meal that your carer prepared earlier that day.
  • You may require a call during the evening to remind you to lock the doors and start preparing for bed.
  • You may require a call just because you want to talk to somebody about your day.


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