Live-In Care

With Live-In Care, a fully trained, vetted and carefully selected Support Worker resides in your home with you and is available throughout the day for all your care, support, companionship and social needs.

Client receiving care

Live-In Care

Each situation is assessed based on your own level of needs. Risk Assessments are completed to determine the level of care required to ensure that all tasks can be completed safely.

Our Person-Centred Care Plans ensure that all your care needs are discussed and highlighted in a way that puts you in control of you care.

A plan of care determines the way you would like to be supported. This will include tasks such as meals, medication, personal hygiene, housekeeping and assistance with day to day tasks such as shopping, collecting prescriptions, attending appointments or visiting friends/relatives. It will also include personal preferences regarding how and when you would like support to take place.

Your care is designed to suit your own needs; throughout the day, your Support Worker is there to ensure that you are safe, happy, cared for and content with your care. Although a Care Plan is put together, it is not task specific. It’s your home, your life and we want you to be happy and in control of your care.

Your Care Plan is held in a digital system, meaning you, your family, the company and the Support Worker has access to your Care Plan via a telephone app.

Care notes are documented here and records of activity, medication administration and brief details of care provided are also stored here.

Live-In Care for couples:

Designed around both of your needs and wishes, care for couples can really support couples who wish to remain in their own home, together.

Live-In care for couples means that you don’t have to go through the heart-breaking upset of leaving a loved one to move into another facility – you can both stay together in the home you know and love, just with extra support and reassurance.

What’s more, live-in care enables you to continue to enjoy activities together without worrying about travel arrangements or being able to manage by yourselves. Your Support Worker can accompany you both to the activities in the local community that you have always enjoyed. We can even arrange for your Live-In carer to accompany you on holidays or short breaks.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for looking after my mum, and a special thank you to Mrs A for her caring and massive support.
She is truly worth her weight in gold” From Son of Mrs M.”

- Mrs M - Client

What Our Clients Say

“she is always pleasant and smiling, she brightens up my day”

- Mrs P - Client

What Our Clients Say

“Our carer goes above and beyond with her care of our mum.
She is excellent with warmth, compassion and friendship”

- Mr T - Client

What Our Clients Say

“The carers who assist me treat me with dignity and respect. I don’t have any concerns about any of my care. They are thoughtful and give me the time needed.” 

Mrs S

What Our Customers Say

"She is wonderful, exactly what we asked for. She is always upbeat & funny."

Mrs W

What Our Customers Say

"Can't fault any care staff all been amazing"

Mr C

What Our Customers Say

"All staff have been outstanding"


What Our Clients Relatives Say

“The service my mum received was excellent. Every support worker was kind, compassionate and friendly... You made what turned out to be my mum's last few weeks, enjoyable once more.” 

Mr L

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