Meals & Domestic

We can assist in the preparation of meals to ensure that an individual eats regularly and maintains a healthy diet at all times. In addition, we can assist with daily domestic duties around the home.

Client receiving a meal prepared by their support worker

Meals & Domestic

To us, home care is about living at home, independently with maximum control and choice.

  •  Ease stress and worry
  •  Encourage independence
  •  Assist with daily chores
  •  Provide social interaction
  •  Relieve isolation and loneliness
  •  Offer companionship


We believe in freeing individuals from those inhibitions, giving them the companionship and support that allows them to accomplish their goals and continue to live an active and healthy life.

  •   Participating in activities or hobbies
  •   Managing diaries and appointments
  •   Collecting prescriptions and other items
  •   Running errands
  •   Dog walking and pet feeding
  •   Mail sorting and posting


No-one should have to compromise living their life to the full because of physical discomfort or capabilities. We can provide accompaniment to leisure activities, day trips and holidays, family events, visits to see friends and family and any essential appointments e.g. doctors surgery.

When you, a friend or a family member needs a little extra help to stay active, we can help support you in your endeavours. Contact us today about our companionship service and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

We promise to provide a person-centred package of services which focuses not only on the tasks at hand but also considers the individual's choices, dignity, control, independence and rights. Contact us for more information today.

What Our Customers Say

“Thank you for looking after my mum, and a special thank you to Mrs A for her caring and massive support.
She is truly worth her weight in gold” From Son of Mrs M.”

- Mrs M - Client

What Our Customers Say

“she is always pleasant and smiling, she brightens up my day”

- Mrs P - Client

What Our Customers Say

“Our carer goes above and beyond with her care of our mum.
She is excellent with warmth, compassion and friendship”

- Mr T - Client

What Our Customers Say

"My care improves my quality of life by setting me up for the day and therefore letting me carry on living independently which is VERY important to me"

Mrs A

What Our Customers Say

"She is wonderful, exactly what we asked for. She is always upbeat & funny."

Mrs w

What Our Customers Say

"Can't fault any care staff all been amazing"

Mr C

What Our Customers Say

"All staff have been outstanding"


Accreditations / Awards