Why Choose Us?

We're proud to be a local, award-winning, family-run care provider serving the Liverpool and Halton areas. Our commitment to our clients runs deep, and we strive to deliver nothing short of exceptional care. As a family-run company, we hold genuine family values close to heart. When you join us at Support at Home, you become part of our family, united in our mission to provide care we can all take pride in!

Understanding the uniqueness of each client, we've crafted our services to revolve around their needs and desires. With personalised Care Plans tailored to individual preferences, we ensure an experience that's truly centered on the person.

Being a private provider grants us the flexibility to operate beyond rigid contracts. This freedom allows us to cater to clients paying privately, receiving funding through CHC, or those receiving direct payments, offering a level of adaptability rarely found in more constrained structures.

We value the ongoing development of our staff, investing in comprehensive training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. Whether through in-house courses, eLearning modules, or external opportunities, we empower our team to deliver outstanding care while fostering personal growth.

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We are proud to be Support at Home

Award winning

Local, family run business

High quality, personalised care

Happy clients

Our Support Workers

Recognizing the paramount importance of ongoing professional development, Support at Home prioritizes investing in comprehensive training programs aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of its staff. Whether through meticulously crafted in-house courses, engaging eLearning modules, or external opportunities, we empower our workforce to consistently deliver exceptional care while nurturing personal growth.

Furthermore, Support at Home has implemented innovative Rewards Schemes such as Care Friends, which incentivizes staff to actively recruit new applicants to the company. This initiative not only strengthens our recruitment endeavors but also bolsters the financial well-being of existing employees, fostering a culture of mutual support and recognition.


We pride ourselves on the excellent training programme we ofer
to our Support Workers. We run a full, tutor-led training
programme which covers the mandatory training required to
carry out the Support Worker role efectively and professionally.

In addition to this, we also include additional training in Specialist
areas and all staf are enrolled on to a Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma.
This ensures that everybody in our team is working towards
becoming the very best that they can be.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for looking after my mum, and a special thank you to Mrs A for her caring and massive support.
She is truly worth her weight in gold” From Son of Mrs M.”

- Mrs M - Client

What Our Clients Say

“she is always pleasant and smiling, she brightens up my day”

- Mrs P - Client

What Our Clients Say

“Our carer goes above and beyond with her care of our mum.
She is excellent with warmth, compassion and friendship”

- Mr T - Client

What Our Clients Say

“The carers who assist me treat me with dignity and respect. I don’t have any concerns about any of my care. They are thoughtful and give me the time needed.” 

Mrs S

What Our Customers Say

"She is wonderful, exactly what we asked for. She is always upbeat & funny."

Mrs W

What Our Customers Say

"Can't fault any care staff all been amazing"

Mr C

What Our Customers Say

"All staff have been outstanding"


What Our Clients Relatives Say

“The service my mum received was excellent. Every support worker was kind, compassionate and friendly... You made what turned out to be my mum's last few weeks, enjoyable once more.” 

Mr L

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